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Phone Staff Scripting

A well-trained and personable receptionist is key to converting inquiries to appointments.
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Phone Staff Scripting

A ringing telephone represents an opportunity, and it is one of the most powerful marketing tools in your practice. The average plastic surgery facility fails to convert more than 100 telephone inquiries every year because it either doesn’t answer its phones promptly, or someone answers rudely or with disinterest. If a call is handled correctly, it will be the first of many calls to your practice. If a call is not handled correctly, it is the first and last call to your practice. You lose not only that prospective patient but also referrals to her friends, family and colleagues.
A well-trained receptionist knows the importance of each call to the success of the practice and can play a vital role in growing your patient base.

The Role of the Receptionist

The receptionist who answers your phones is the voice of your practice. She has the power to begin—or end—a relationship with a prospective patient. If someone calls and bonds with your receptionist, you will have fewer no-shows, increased conversions from calls to appointments and a more receptive prospective patient during your consultation. It is critical to your success that you have the right person answering the phone. A receptionist must possess the following:

  • A pleasant voice
  • A positive attitude
  • A friendly and helpful nature
  • A genuine interest and concern for people
  • Enthusiasm when speaking to callers
  • An ability to establish and maintain rapport

Your receptionist must also be set up to win. Be sure she has the time to spend on the telephone and that this is not just one of her many duties. She must not view the telephone as an annoyance but rather as an opportunity. Everybody in the office must understand the importance of this position.

Training and Scripting

Promptly answering incoming phone calls is half the battle; the other half is providing the information the caller needs to book an appointment. The receptionist must be equipped with the information she needs to keep the call moving forward. The following scripting tips can help.

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